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The Senior Internship Program at Lincoln College

Our Senior Internship Programs 

  • BUS 491: Business Management Senior Internship (3 Credit Hours)
  • SPM 491: Sports Management Senior Internship (3 Credit Hours)
  • HSA 491: Health Services Administration Senior Internship (4 Credit Hours)
  • SIT 491: Liberal Arts Senior Internship (3 Credit Hours)
  • CJS 491: Criminal Justice Internship (3 or 6 Credit Hours)

Why are Internships Important?
Internships create opportunities for employers and students to create real-life learning beyond the classroom walls to develop workforce readiness, technical and interpersonal skills. This experience is invaluable to the development of the students. This process allows students to explore career options, engage with employers, develop relationships and networking skills, learn about the functions of an organization, and connect classroom learning to employment and careers. Click here to read more about the benefits of internships to both students and employers!

Our internship semesters consist of Spring (January – May), Summer (May – August), and Fall (August – December) semesters.  Our three credit hour internships consist of interns working at your site throughout a semester a minimum of 90 hours; our four credit hour internships consist of 120 hours on-site working hours throughout a semester; our six credit hour internships consist of 180 hours on-site working hours over a semester.

How to Enroll in the Senior Internship
To enroll in the Senior Internship Program, students must first complete the following checklist steps listed below. The pre-registration process may take a minimum of one to four months to complete depending on the internship site search and timeliness of the student submissions of each checklist step.  Students are asked to plan accordingly. Each step must be reviewed and approved by the Internship Coordinator by the deadline listed below:

Deadline for a Fall 2017 Internship: Friday, July 28th          Deadline for a Spring 2018 Internship: Friday, December 15th

Check List Steps
Review the Full Overview of the Senior Internship:
Click here to download and review.
Step One: Review the Student Checklist with the Internship Coordinator. Click here to download your checklist and complete the application for the Student Senior Internship Program. Click here to download this application.
Step Two: Learning Outcomes and Program Director Interview. Click here to download this step.
Step Three: Resume and Cover Letter Review with the Internship Coordinator. Click here to download this step.
Step Four: Create a LinkedIn account and/or submit two letters of recommendation. Click here to download this step.
Step Five: Submit a signed and approved Host Agreement with your Internship Site. Click here to download this step.
Step Six: Final meeting and review with the Internship Coordinator. All previous steps are reviewed and must be approved prior to registering for your internship course.

List of Companies students may consider for an internship: Click here to download this list.